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Face and Body Care


Quality is about being good. Good means valuable: the products are individually tailored to the needs of hair and scalp, effective and well-tolerated. Good means for La Biosthétique that every aspect counts. Because everything is connected.


Beauty has many forms. Infinite possibilities. Every day, every woman chooses her own style and every evening she might choose another. Makeup is the freedom to decide. The quality of the products of La Biosthétique combines aesthetics and function, glamour and tolerability – to create your own Total Beauty.”


Everything begins with the philosophy. With the passion for quality. With the Culture of Total Beauty. Skincare is the natural continuation of La Biosthétique. Cosmetic expertise is professional essence.

Every bottle, every tube, every drop

With a focus on each individual product whilst respecting ecological conditions. Consequently, La Biosthetique represents the latest findings in dermatology and biochemistry, intensively tested in laboratories and in practice – natural, effective, beautiful

Color care is scalp care

An advantage of La Biosthetique Color System: Tint&Tone Advanced is a very conditioning coloring system with high amount of natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, which gives the hair moisture and keeps it soft, Japanese Pepper Tree Essence to calm the scalp and Aloe Vera to soothe the scalp during the color process.

Scientifically proven powerful care for your hair.

The Protection Cheveux Complex [PCC] hair treatment is the only product that renews sulphur bridges permanently.  Providing protection and care during and after chemical treatments, La Biosthétique color treatments are now friendlier and gentler than ever before.

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